Orange Fat Bombs

Orange Fat Bombs

Orange Fat Bombs is an easy variation on my Orange and Almond Fat Bombs and the orange can be swapped for Lemon for more a Lemon Cheese Cake taste. Orange Fat Bombs are a great snack for going DF, SF, GF and Vegan. Here is my recipe below;


200g      Organic Desiccated Coconut ( You will make this into Coconut Butter )

1/4 Cup  Organic Coconut Oil ( Have the Coconut Oil Handy when making the Coconut butter as you may need at add a Teaspoon to the Coconut)

1 Zest     Orange

1/2          Orange Juice


In a blender add desiccated Coconut and blend until it turns into a Coconut Butter, you may need to add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to help with the binding of the coconut. This may take about 5  minutes.

When the Coconut Butter has been made add the Coconut oil, Orange Zest and Orange Juice and blend further until fully mixed together.

Pour into a 10cm x 10cm plastic freezer safe container and freeze until the mixture is hard. This will take a few hours. I usually leave it over night.

Orange Fat Bombs

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