COVID-19 Personal Training Brisbane

Wow what a start to 2020! The way we interact with each other will change dramatically in 2020 in light of COVID-19. As an outdoor personal trainer I am lucky enough to be classed as an essential service. Maintaining good health of the community is will help prevent diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. My role as your personal trainer is an important one, it is my job to make sure my clients stay healthy mentally and physically throughout these potentially stressful times. I am fortunate that I am able to see my clients face to face and check up on them weekly to help them stay positive throughout these uncertain times.

I am proud to say that my client base consist of many “front line” health care workers who trust me to keep them safe in our training sessions during this pandemic. I am training ear nose and throat specialist, radiologist, clinical trail scientists, Queensland Health Department COVID-19 data managers, construction workers, psychiatrist, solicitors and of course parents and love ones of the community. Some of my clients have high risk loved ones under going treatment and have to be extremely careful in this current pandemic. As their Personal Trainer it is crucial that I follow the Queensland Health Department Guidelines and stay up to date on the current information involving COVID-19.

The health of my clients is extremely important to me and why I have made the following changes to my personal training sessions to make sure I keep my clients healthy and follow the Queensland Health Guidelines;

  • Hand sanitiser is supplied to my clients and myself at the start, throughout and post session.
  • Strict social distance of at least 1.5m is always followed throughout the session
  • Clients must ensure they bring a clean towel and matt to each session.
  • I am creatively by using body weight and plyometric exercises.
  • I only use “clients’ own” equipment ensuring that there is no cross contamination between clients as I am a mobile trainer.
  • Clients are to bring their own water bottles for the sessions to avoid using public water fountains.
  • We do not sit, touch or use hard surfaces during our sessions like metal or plastic benches or picnic area’s or outdoor council gym equipment.
  • Clients can only train when they are well and are encouraged to have the Flu Shot this winter flu season. Most of my clients have already done this and I am also up to date with my 2020 Flu shot.

Great! With these simple steps we can all stay safe and healthy in 2020 and make sure we protect ourselves and the greater community.

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