Our February Training camp

We were lucky to be able to sneak in and train in a group which little did we know would be the last time for a long time as little did we know that after our training Brisbane would reduse it’s group numbers to only one on one.

The group of 10 Brisbane Trail Ultra entrants and passionate trail runners, headed out from The Gap State High School and followed the trails up Python Trail, over Mt Coot-tha then along Powerful Owl, through ghost hole and onto the Summit Lookout Via the iconic Brisbane Trail Ultra course.

We were lucky enough to be joined by K2 Basecamp, trail shoe specialist who gave out awesome prizes of gift vouchers to their store and an awesome discount to our camp attendees.

We also had trail running legend Hayley Teal along for the camp showing us the trick of her trade. She’s an awesome athlete and a strong climber with some of the best legs in the business. The group was lucky enough to pick her brains for the camp.

Our entrants used our training camp of 28km to then qualify for the Brisbane Trail Ultra 30km event. Everyone had a great day and it was great to catch up with some new faces and tjose who were knew to trail running.

Shona, Hayley and Cora

Let’s hope that the restrictions will be lifted before our June Training camp…….Fingers crossed….

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