Rafting Ground Reserve

Training at the Rafting Ground Reserve

I love training my clients at the Rafting Ground Reserve in Brookfield because it is much like the rolling hills, grassy fields of Centennial Park in Sydney. It’s only a small park, yet because of the surrounding farmland it appears more spacious. It is technically a “Dog on Lead Area”, as all of Brisbane City Council is, unlike Sydney City Council, however I often see people exercising their dogs of leash throughout the park and it seems acceptable to have your dog off a lead in the Rafting Ground Reserve as long as you clean up after your animal.

There is a great slightly slopped grassy flat section of grass that is about 200m in length which is great for warm ups, running drills and flat speed work. Beware of the bubbler in this area, it will take off your tonsils if the pressure on the tap is not correct. I’ve inhaled water into my nose many times on this bubbler.

I use this area for straight speed sprints and recovery.

The rafting Ground Reserve also has about 3km of trails that loops around Mogill Creek  which can be connected with Rowena and Melinda Street for a quad killing hill climb.

There is a children’s play ground, undercover picnic areas, and clean public toilets near a adequate carpark close to the entrance of Mogill Rd.

Here is a sample of one of my Rafting Ground Reserve Training Session

Warm Up 10 Min in the Flat Grassy Area just across the Mogill Creek Bridge.

Running Drills Over 10M

  • 5x High Knees
  • 5x Kicking Bums
  • 5xKnee Drive Forward Hot Potato Feet
  • 5x Walking Lunges

Sprints 200m Starting at the Bridge and ending at the last tree up the hill before the dirt track.

  • 3x 200m Sprints at 70% Thinking of Technique and Cadence

After each sprint Jog SLOWLY Back to the bridge for your recovery

  • 3x200m Sprints at 80% Thinking of Cadence

After each sprint Jog SLOWLY Back to the bridge for your recovery

Next it’s time for your strength. Today we did a combination of free weights, resistance bands, ab matt and kettle bells.

  • Two Handed Rows around the Metal Pole at the Picnic Ground 3 sets of 30
  • Single Leg Squat Holding onto the Metal Pole for Balance and Support 3 sets of ¬†10 on each leg

Now that you’ve recovered from your sprints it’s time for some weights

  • Medium-Heavy Squats with Bicep Curl 3 sets of 10
  • Medium to Heavy Sumo Squats 3 sets of 10

Core Now- Use an Ab-Matt and a Yoga Matt.

  • 3 set of 20 Sit ups Touching the ground with your hands and touching your feet legs in butterfly position using the Ab-Matt.
  • 3 sets of 20 Opp-Arm to Leg Back Extensions (I like to get my clients to hover their arms off the floor to make it more challenging)
  • 3 Plank Holds for 1 Min

Stretch Now you’ve earn it.



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