Orange Fat Bombs

Orange Fat Bombs

Orange Fat Bombs

Orange Fat Bombs is an easy variation on my Orange and Almond Fat Bombs and the orange can be swapped for Lemon for more a Lemon Cheese Cake taste. Orange Fat Bombs are a great snack for going DF, SF, GF and Vegan. Here is my recipe below;


200g      Organic Desiccated Coconut ( You will make this into Coconut Butter )

1/4 Cup  Organic Coconut Oil ( Have the Coconut Oil Handy when making the Coconut butter as you may need at add a Teaspoon to the Coconut)

1 Zest     Orange

1/2          Orange Juice


In a blender add desiccated Coconut and blend until it turns into a Coconut Butter, you may need to add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to help with the binding of the coconut. This may take about 5  minutes.

When the Coconut Butter has been made add the Coconut oil, Orange Zest and Orange Juice and blend further until fully mixed together.

Pour into a 10cm x 10cm plastic freezer safe container and freeze until the mixture is hard. This will take a few hours. I usually leave it over night.

Orange Fat Bombs


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