Magnesium Salt Scrubs

Magnesium Salt Scrubs will help you recover faster

Magnesium Salt Scrubs (Epsom Salt) 

This is my number 1 tip for muscle soreness and detoxification of the body is having a Magnesium Salt Scrub every day.

Magnesium is the biggest deficiency in humans.

It is essential for muscle, nerve function, sleep regularity and even your digestion.

It is best absorbed through your skin which is why Salt Scrubs are so effective.

Use a handful of Magnesium Sulphate in the shower every day after washing your body with your usual wheat free shower wash.

Yes they put gluten in everything so check your bottle, I noticed my “Organic Shampoo” had gluten in it and was making my scalp itchy..another story. Check your Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioners, and all facial creams.

Just grab a handful of your Magnesium Salt Scrub and rub it into your chest first then all over your body. It will also work as a exfoliant and your skin will feel amazing afterwards.

Keep working the scrub over the body until it all dissolves and keep it on for just a minute or so is all thats needed. Yo can leave it on for longer if you have a really effected or injured muscle.

Rise as usual.

There you have it amazing skin, smooth skin texture, muscle conditioning and pure relaxation all in a humble Salt Scrub.

WARNING- If you have any cuts or abrasions you the effected area will sting.

I’ve found the Salt Scrubs great for mossie bites!



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