Brisbane Personal Trainer

Brisbane Personal Trainer

Our Brisbane Personal Trainers is a fully qualified, fully insured mobile trainer who has the expertise, knowledge and experience to Train You safely and effectively in your chosen location.

We know you are busy that is why personal trainers are mobile Outdoor Trainers and will come to a destination that will suit you.

Your Personal Trainer will happily come to your home, office or favourite park. We can also provide a door to park pick up service if you wish.

At Outdoor PT Brisbane we believe Personal Training is all about YOU.

One session with a Personal Trainer is with 3 on your own. At Outdoor PT Brisbane we will design every session around you and your personal health and fitness goals. We will discuss your goal for the session with you before every session to ensure you get the most from every hour with us.

We specialise in the following;

  • Weight Loss and Nutrition : We will include a 2 week meal planner in your Personal Training Package
  • Cardiovascular Training: We run or move next to you so we can monitor your effort for the entire session. We also encourage the use of Heart Rate Monitors or good Sports Watches in every session.
  • Results Driven: We Aim to Burn 2000Kj or 500 Cals in every session
  • Strength Training: We want to look amazing, feel great and be strong. 2 Strength Training Sessions a week is needed to prevent osteoporosis. We believe in functional fitness and injury prevention. Every session with your personal trainer will be targeted to getting you to your goal sooner.
  • Injury Prevention: Learn from two Ultra Trail Elite athletes who have a vast understanding and knowledge of injury prevention, rehabilitation in their own bodies and a combined 11 years of experience with training clients of all different shapes and sizes.


Our Brisbane Personal Trainer we are fully Licensed and Fully Insured Master Personal Trainer with Cert 1V Qualification and is a Member of Fitness Australia. Your Personal Trainer is also a Sports Nutritionist and is fully qualified Punchfit Boxing Trainer.

At Outdoor Personal Trainer Brisbane we are results driven and know how to get the most out of your Brisbane Personal Training Session.

We include the following training elements in your training session;

  • Cardiovascular: Boxing, Cardio Drills, Plyometrics, agility ladders, cones, hurdles
  • Strength: Free Weights, Body Weight, Park Equipment, Resistance Bands, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls
  • Core Conditioning: Planks, Crunches, Back Extensions, Bike Crunches, Free Weights, Resistance Bands, Ab Matt.

Every strength, cardio, stretching exercise is chosen to be functional and to increase your range of motion and improve the balance in your body.

You will have the opportunity to use a Heart Rate Monitor in your session so we can have the most efficient Cardio Zone Training. You will be taught how to recognise your zones but listening to your breathe.

At Outdoor PT Brisbane we believe in empowering our clients to take control of their bodies by teaching them the correct technique, posture, heart rate, speed and form to complete their exercise. This will prevent injuries, improve technique and muscular balance.

Your Personal Trainer is an elite athlete who knows how to get the most from their body. You will be taught how to get the most out of your body whilst exercising.

Brisbane is an amazing location for Outdoor Personal Training. We are mobile trainers and we will come to you and train you in your chosen location. If you don’t have a favourite park to train in we can locate one that is close to your work or home.

Our Brisbane Personal Trainer offers a great competitive rate of;

1 Hour $75/Hour when you book in for a 10 session Package. 

  • 1 Hour Weekly Payment Rate $85
  • 45 Min Weekly Payment Rate $65
  • 90 Minute Weekly Payment Rate $90

You can pay up front and take advantage of a discount or pay weekly it depends on you.

Our 2017 10 session Hour Package is $750

Your FIRST Session of Personal Training is Free. So you can meet your Brisbane Personal Trainer and make sure they are the right Personal Trainer for you.

Contact Shona today at or call Shona on 0417 693 281 to arrange your First Session of Free Personal Training Sessions.


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