45 Minute Lunch PT Sessions Brisbane

personal trainer brisbane

personal trainer brisbane

45 Minute Lunch PT Sessions Brisbane are a great way to fit in a high intensity cardio interval and strength conditioning program into your weekly routine. You will return back to work high on endorphins and ready to take on what work is left in your day.

Here is an example of a 45 Minute Lunch PT Session in Brisbane;

Warm Up Walking or Running to the Park to meet me your PT.

Jog for a further 5 minutes.
100 Jab Crosses
100 High Knees
5 Squat Jumps
Run for 500m
Repeat 5 times

20 Two Handed Rows
Kettle Bell Swings 8-12 Kilos 20 Reps
20 Sumo Squats
Squat with over head shoulder press 10-20 kilos 10-20 Depending on strength.
If we have time a 500m Run between sets.

Core Plank
Reverse Crunches
Back Extensions

Cool down on your run/walk back to the office and stretch in the shower.

Done a nice efficient 500cal burning 45 Min Lunch Time Session.


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